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Don’t let your fear of being on camera rob you of business success a single minute longer!!

Learn how to start using video in your business. You can reach your audience in a new way! Grow your business, increase sales and transform your online presence.  Learn how to become better on video, use it efficiently in your business and take that leap to Get Started on Video!

Video training, tips and strategies are waiting for you in the online video course.

Video Course for people who run their own businesses

You didn’t start your business so you could be invisible. People need to SEE you!
You can build relationships with your audience, nurture them, become more human, personable and someone that people love buying from, all by using video in your business.

I absolutely know what it is like when you are starting and running your own business, doing EVERYTHING and trying to maintain your sanity!

Seems like there are SO many courses, SO much to learn, and SO much to spend.

So, HOW do you decide what is really going to advance your business?

If you’re thinking about VIDEO you are about to make the best business decision!

Building your VIDEO skills and knowledge is going to be a good return on investment for you because it is going to give you practical and applicable skills, the confidence to implement them in your business and actual growth in your business and your bank account as a result.

Video is a very smart business decision.

Get Started on Video for just $125 AUD!

Committing to using video in your business DOES NOT mean:

  Spending hours every day recording videos
•  Investing huge amounts of money in expensive equipment
•  Having to learn very technical new software tools
•  Hiring a team of people to produce your videos
•  Buying a room full of new furniture and trinkets to create a video set
•  Having to get your hair coloured / face peeled / wrinkles botoxed / eyebrows tattooed

Start creating high quality, engaging video for your business with your mobile phone!

The Get Started on Video course is for you if you want to learn a set of video skills that will help you get started with video in your business. The course covers the basics, techniques, equipment, lots of how-tos and also video strategies for use in Facebook and video marketing.

Video isn’t about perfection, it is about taking ACTION and turning up in your business, BEING YOU, being REAL, engaging your audience, and being completely HUMAN and relatable while you do it.

mobile video course

What you get in the Get Started on Video course:

  • 18 Video training modules
  • 5 Downloadable worksheets
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Confidence-building tips and practices that will help you shine on camera
  • Lessons in how to create engaging, high quality videos 
  • Also, strategies to help you deliver your message like a PRO


Easily and quickly being able to create content for your business, without spending lots of money on video equipment. Get started with just your mobile phone.

Injecting your personality and undeniable uniqueness into your business branding.

Having people enjoying engaging with you on video, and wanting to see more of you.

Reaching a larger audience in a natural and engaging way, leading to easy sales conversions.

Transforming your business (and yourself) with more confidence, more visibility and therefore making a bigger difference. 

This is how the video course works:

  • BUY the Get Started on Video course for only $125 AUD
  • Work through the online training videos and content in your own time.
  • Get started creating videos, using just yourself, natural light and your mobile phone
  • Spend the time that you want to learn and apply the video training
  • Practice your video skills
  • Watch your audience grow and your business start transforming through the use of video

Crazy things started happening when I started using video in my business!

  • I don’t have a single hater
  • No one comments on my hair, my clothing or how I look (except to say positive things)
  • My audience is GROWING
  • I haven’t scare anyone away
  • People are watching my videos and enjoying what I share
  • I tripled my email list in the first 2 months
Video course for women

Step out of your comfort zone, hit record and let video grow your business!

It’s your time to SHINE on video. You have a message and a purpose that is a gift worth sharing. 

Be BRAVE. Shape your own FUTURE. Be VISIBLE

Got more Questions about the Video Course?

Video is a wonderful medium to start to build trust with your audience. Using video, even before you have anything to sell to anyone, lets potential customers and clients get to know you, like you and trust you. That is invaluable relationship building in business! Your audience will already love you by the time you have your first offer ready for sale, and they will snap it up!

A scroll through YouTube might give you a better answer to this question! I have racked my brain and I honestly cannot come up with an industry where video would not be an advantage for the businesses marketing. The best thing about video is that YOU get to tailor it and tell the stories that you are passionate about. So really, it’s up to you how much you choose to grow your business with video, and in what way you would like to do that.

Absolutely! Along with the training videos training, I offer tips and strategies for using video, as well as sharing content ideas and suggestions. So along with the training in the Get Started course, your regular video practice will keep the ideas coming, and your list of video topics growing.

No, refunds are not offered (except in very rare situations, at the discretion of Michelle C.) The course is seriously good value!! All of the information about the Get Started on Video course is outlined on this page. If you would like any more information, please get in touch to get the details you need.

Shine on video so your business can be seen!
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